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Wherever you find people and water, you’ll find wastewater. And where you find wastewater, you’ll find the headaches that go along with maintaining septic systems. The PCB estimates that clogging from colonies of bacteria that journey to the disposal field producing soil-clogging slime called biomat causes 95% of all septic system failures. Eliminate this biomat and you extend the life of your system and drastically reduce the need for septic tank pumping or budget-busting septic field replacement—the problem conventional septic systems cause.

All REES systems designed for residential use fit into existing septic systems. No new tanks or retrofits are necessary—just a small air pump and the REES system to let nature do what it do best.


Commercial And Industrial


Wherever you find people and water, you’ll find wastewater. And whether it’s in bustling communities, growing cities, the most remote of locations or at sea, proper wastewater disposal and reclamation is essential. Current systems only provide an engineering band-aid to a biological problem. These inadequate systems are expensive, large, energy consuming, difficult to expand and require constant maintenance and cleaning. In the end, they don’t even produce a clean product. Treatment becomes a costly, time-consuming hassle. We’re here to tell you there is a better way, there are new solutions, and you just found them.




Whether reclaiming failed leach fields or providing solutions for new community projects, REES is a proven product to match any need. From upgrading dated community septic systems, to purpose-designed and built wastewater treatment systems, REES can provide a flexible, modern solution for community projects across the globe.

Communities can quickly overload their septic systems and fill up their leach fields. Introducing REES technology to preexisting systems provides a clean, environmentally conscious solution to unclog and reclaim failed systems.


The REES Difference


We combine modern technology with the fundamentals of nature to provide a biological solution to a biological problem. Need an inexpensive system that can fit in a limited space? REES installs anywhere. Our simple, robust systems are easy to set up and process wastewater at half the cost and energy consumption of our leading competitors. Need to reclaim wastewater in a remote location? REES’ end product is clear water that can be introduced right back into the local water table, used for irrigation or even made potable. Need an adaptable system that can quickly expand to meet your growing needs? We can do that, too. Unlike conventional treatment systems, which have to double in size to treat double the wastewater at double the cost and double the maintenance, REES’ biological system expands to meet needs naturally without manual regulation or added equipment. Wastewater is a constant problem. Let us make it easy. Naturally.