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Environment Engineering - How it works

Using Nature’s Tools to Fix Pollution Problems

Take a walk through any mature and pristine forest and you will notice how the forest floor is fresh smelling and clean,in spite of the tons of leaves and other detritus that fall onto the forest floor every day. This clean environment is due to naturally occurring aerobic bacteria that inhabit the forest floor. Detritus such as fallen leaves, animal feces and the carcasses of dead animals are effectively processed by the aerobic bacteria into minerals, Co2 and water that are re-absorbed as nutrients by the forest flora. This is the same variety of aerobic bacteria identified and isolated by Dr. Daniel Wickham and utilized in Nature Digester waste processing systems.

Our Technology Recycles Life Giving Compounds

All living creatures including man and the food we eat, such as rice, wheat, pulses, fruits and vegetables, are formed from complex organic compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and minerals. Our technology converts biomass waste into basic compounds such as water, Co2 and minerals that can be immediately reused by man, animals or plants. We utilize air, aerobic bacteria, bacteria generators, aerator devices and engineered containment vessels to create a system that consumes and converts biomass into water and recyclable compounds. And, our technology is totally compatible with standard residential and commercial waste plumbing systems. There is no need to alter the plumbing within the building envelope because our systems intercept the sewer pipes outside the building.